Cheese & Charcuterie


All cheeses at Metropulos are cut to order, ensuring you get your cheese at its freshest.

Proprietor Ann Addis is a graduate of the Master Cheese Class for Professionals with Max McCalman at Artisanal Cheese in New York City, and brings an in-depth knowledge to the Metropulos cheese program. Stop by the store to sample any of Metropulos’ 100 or so cheeses, or to have us help you design your next cheese platter.


Although the word charcuterie was originally a French word that pertained to meats that were preserved in some way prior to the advent of refrigeration, the word has now become synonymous with any cured meats, from Italian salames to French saucissons and patés, to Spanish chorizos and Jamons. We also stock domestic artisanal guanciale, duck prosciutto, and truffled salame.

Here at Metropulos Fine Foods, we pride ourselves on carrying the finest selection of charcuterie, one that will make any lover of cured meats happy. As we slice all our meats to order, if you are in a hurry, please give us a call and we’ll get everything all sliced up for you prior to your arrival so you don’t have to wait.