Santa Barbara Independent, September 2015
Gyro and Peasant Greek Salad @ Metropulos Fine Foods Merchant

Originally available only Thursdays-Saturdays, Metropulos’s gyro (pronounced yee-roh) is now a daily menu item at the Mediterranean market and deli, a Funk Zone staple for more than a decade now. A Greek street food in origin, this sort-of sandwich is wrapped in lightly charred pita bread, generously stuffed with thin slices of seasoned ground beef and lamb, and garnished with tomato and onion. The kicker, though, is in the sauce. A yogurt-based concoction of garlicky, cucumber-filled goodness, the tzatziki (zat-zee-kee or cha-chee-kee) is liberally slathered on as the pita wrap’s pièce de résistance. It might appear like condiment overkill at first blush, but don’t be surprised if you’re sopping up the spillage with your pita by meal’s end. Alongside all of that is served a Greek peasant salad, a modest side composed of tomato, onion, and cucumber in a vinegary dressing that acts as an acidic complement to the savory main course.
At just under 10 bucks, this is one of the better deals to be found in the Funk Zone.

Surfing Magazine, October 2015
California’s 10 Best Post-Surf Eateries (#7)

When it comes to places to eat after a surf at Rincon, the only person to ask is a Curren. Soft spoken like his dad, Tom, Pat Curren told us that Metropulos is the best sandwich shop in SB. “It’s a local gem, somewhere you probably wouldn’t just stumble upon.” Pay Metropulos a visit and you may just find Pat and Tom talking steeze and cheese.

New York Times

“Lunch crowds visit this deli for creative sandwiches, like smoked turkey with harissa and chipotle aioli, and imported specialty items. Diners can eat in or brown-bag it to the beach a few blocks away.”

Independent Reviewer, Marcus, on Yelp April, 2011

“They have the best sandwiches in the world. I don’t know how, I don’t know why. You can randomly pick a sandwich from their menu and it will be the best you ever had. If you are anywhere near Santa Barbara you should stop by.”

Dining and Destinations, Spring/Summer 2011

“Since opening on a Funk Zone corner several years ago, Metropulos has become Santa Barbara’s mecca for fine and rare foods, especially from Europe, and wines to go with them. Proprietors Ann and Craig Addis have a great collection of artisan cheeses from Spain, Holland, England, Ireland, Italy and beyond, complemented by French and Spanish charcuterie, including chorizos and hard-to-find Jamon Iberico, Spain’s exquisite prosciutto.”

Santa Barbara Independent, March 19, 2009

“…Owners Craig and Ann Addis have poured their wealth of knowledge of fine ingredients, cheeses, and wine into their welcoming gourmet food emporium in the urban industrial waterfront district…”

Santa Barbara News Press, August 2008

“To some gourmet food connoisseurs, time in Santa Barbara can be divided into two categories: pre-Metropulos and post-Metropulos. It was four years ago when globetrotting foodies Ann and Craig Addis brought previously unobtainable delicacies to our doorstep, and the place has only expanded its influence and inventory over time.”

Southern California Lonely Planet Guide, 2008-09-10-11-12-13-14-15

‘Our’ Pick: “Before a hike in the front country, order up some picnic-perfect gourmet salads and sandwiches at this new-ish, super-nice deli east of the tracks in the Funk Zone. Try the smoked turkey and brie with cranberry-fig confit on honey whole wheat. Mmmmmm. They’ve got wine and cheese too.”

Santa Barbara News Press, December 28, 2007

“Bursting with Epicurean delights, this European market might be your one-stop-shop for a New Year’s party…The pungent flavor of obregons can make them addictive. Metropulos’ cheese selection is one of the best in town. The friendly staff will help you pick out a flight to wow your guests. If you want to take it over the edge, go for a jar of truffle spread too. Don’t forget to grab a few bottles of wine or champagne from the small but exotic selection.”

Los Angeles Times, September 5, 2007

“Excellent sandwiches, plus a good, small selection of cheeses, including Cowgirl Creamery from California, Neal’s Yard from England, Mimolette and Bucherondin from France, a three-milk Langhe Robiola from Italy, Manchego from Spain and lots of well-tended blues. Don’t miss the Pleasant Ridge Reserve, a raw cow’s-milk cheese from Wisconsin. The sandwiches are excellent. Also on offer: good French saucisson (sausage), bread from D’Angelo’s bakery, olives, peppers, Serrano ham, lomo embuchado, (Spanish- style cured pork loin) Fra’Mani salami, Molinari mortadella, and luscious-looking lime bars. Vignette sodas, not too sweet, made with Chardonnay or Pinot juice, are great for non-imbibers…Metropulos also sells beautiful picnic baskets.”

Santa Barbara Magazine, April/May 2007

“Since opening three years ago, the funk Zone corner store has become a destination for knowledgeable foodies seeking what’s good and unusual (It’s also the place for polo-appropriate finds such as Besserat de Bellefon Brut Rose.)”

Edible Ojai, Winter 2007

“The surprise of the day was Metropulos Fine Foods Merchant, near the train station off State Street. A friend who works nearby tipped me off to this amazing gourmet market/café…This place can be downright distracting, as there are rows and rows of metal bakers’ shelves stocked with goodies such as truffles and truffle oils, an olive oil tasting bar, rices and grains, gourmet sea salts, vinegars, tomato sauces, artisan chocolates—just to name a few.”

Santa Barbara News-Press, December 2006

“Ann and Craig Addis are so serious about providing for the gourmet needs of their clientele that they will often order hard-to-find items that they don’t already stock….the bulk of the credit goes to Metropulos for providing not only hard-to-find, specialty ingredients but also culinary inspiration and unbelievable cheeses to boot.”

Santa Barbara News-Press, August 2006

“Think Dean & Deluca and other big city fine food markets and that’s what it’s like when you enter Metropulos Market. …It has become a neighborhood gem which has yet to be discovered by many locals.”

Montecito Journal, August 2005

“The owner was right in steering me to a raw cow’s milk cheese, Taleggio, which had the buttery texture to complement the assertive fruit and spice of the Shiraz.”

Santa Barbara Independent, March, 2006

“Turkey and brie is a match made in heaven. When this European deli throws its homemade cranberry-fig confit into the equation, ecstasy ensues.”

Santa Barbara Independent, July 2004

“Gloriously cavernous inside, Metropulos seems to be filled with a different aromatic wonder each time I visit. It really is a market, and is crammed with exotic foodstuffs…It is a fine place to find goodies for gift baskets or outfit your next fancified summer meal.”

Santa Barbara Newspress, October, 2004

“Gorgeous pastas, tapenades, olive oils and honey are only a few of the delicious market items for sale.”

Food and Home Magazine, October 2004

“If it is a fancy picnic you are looking for, a few more steps will take you to Metropulos, where the stylish picnic boxes for two will impress your date.”

Santa Barbara Independent, April, 2004

“Their charming shop is filled with a wide array of specialty products rarely seen anywhere else. The small but cleverly stocked wine alcove is bound to offer a nice complement for any purchase. Artisanal sandwiches reflect their fun, creative approach and are always made with fresh bread from D’Angelo’s.”